With an aim to make students understand scientific knowledge through science activities, to allow them to work in the field of their interest and hone their skills in presentation, the science club was formed in our college. The club has a list of activities designed with intent to encourage students to participate in creative projects and activities.
The Science Club consists of a group of students from different pedagogies who wish to explore various branches in science. The club is open to all students. The purpose of the Science Club is to promote curiosity, empathetic attitude, and knowledge of the scientific world amongst the college students and local community.

The club meets once a week under the leadership of the Coordinator. The President of Science Club welcomes all the members present and orients the group about the programme scheduled for that day. The Secretary reads the minutes of the previous meet and the report is passed and seconded by any of the club members. Any changes or suggestions are modified by the secretary. The group in charge of the particular activity gives information about the activity. To help students develop an independent, logical and creative mind, the club organises activities or competitions with the whole hearted participation from its club members. The club conducts investigatory projects and interschool activities wherein the students take keen interest in taking scientific topics and working enthusiastically for the activiites.

Objectives of Science Club
• To develop scientific attitude among student teachers to broaden scientific outlook
• To provide training in scientific method of problem solving
• To create interest in scientific tests and events
• To enable students to actively participate in scientific activities and hobbies
• To develop students’ interest in participation in practical application of knowledge related to science.
• To create interest in latest invention and discoveries.
• Make students understand the value of time.
• To develop feelings of Fraternity and mutual cooperation and qualities of leadership.
• Development of constructive, explorative, inventive faculties of student teachers.
• Imbibing habits of self-reliance, self-dependence and love for manual work. • To develop spirit and attitude of healthy competition.
• To develop habits of cleanliness and healthful living.
• Learning the act of organization and taking initiative for individual and collective work.
• Development in science and technological field.
• Opportunities for bringing school close to society and acquaint people with the services and contributions of science in their life.
• To better understand scientific knowledge through science experiments.
• To help the members learn the practical application of science.
• To develop in students a keen eye to observation.
• To encourage the student teachers to take co-operative enterprise and initiative in learning science.
• To develop scientific skills like observation, manipulation, experimentation, drawing and improvisation.


• Development of concern and awareness for scientific issues in personal, social, environmental and technological contexts.
• Development of scientific attitude among students
• Imbibe habits of self-dependence and love for manual work.
• Provide opportunities for bringing school close to society
• Create interest in latest inventions and discoveries
• Promotion of culture
• Train students in scientific method of problem solving

Composition of the Science Club
• Patron – Principal
• Coordinator – Faculty in Charge
• Student Representatives take roles as
o President
o Secretary
o Treasurer
o Group leaders

Activities for the club
1. Quiz
2. Collage Making
3. Pictionary
4. Turn Coat
5. Wealth out of waste
6. Treasure Hunt
7. Debate
8. Nature Games
9. Workshop on Preparation and demonstration of modern science
10. Pick and Speak
11. Article Writing
12. Field Trip
13. Documentary Presentation
14. Science Bingo
15. Memory Games
16. Investigatory projects
17. Guest lectures

Coordinator: Dr Rose Kiran Pinto, Assistant Professor



Eco-Club is an organization of individuals who have love for nature, interest in conservation and development of natural resources, a sense of dedication and who actively participate in various activities related to nature. Eco-Club in our college is a voluntary group of student teachers who are working on the understanding and protection of the environment.

Objectives of Eco-Club
- Provide scope for understanding and appreciating the intricacies of environment
- Provide opportunities for developing and fostering certain abilities in student teachers such as leadership, communication, creativity, planning and organization etc.
- To promote ethos of conservation of nature and natural resources
- To provide opportunities to participate in community-oriented projects to bring out better relationship with environment

Activities under the club
- Maintaining Bulletin boards for environmental awareness
- Quiz competitions on environmental issues and its protection
- Discussion on topics pertaining to environment.
- Collection and construction of environmental slogans
- Arranging Nature Walks, field trips to places of ecological interest
- Observing days of ecological importance
- Participating in cleanliness campaigns
- Arranging guest lectures.

Proceeding of Eco-Club
The meetings of the club are held every week. Through elections the office bearers of the club are selected. The members meet regularly, plan and organize various activities.

Composition of Eco-Club
Patron – Principal
Coordinator – Faculty in Charge

Student Representatives take roles as



The aim of the Literary club in our college is to include among student teachers a fondness for language that enhances literary creativity, to provide an avenue for self-expression and to enhance the literary skills. This club is committed to tap the effective communication talent among student teachers and is poised to enable the talents with cutting edge.

- To develop different perspective of appreciation for literature among student-teachers
- To include within its members elite oratory skills, interpersonal skills, and Communicative skills.
- To help the student teachers to explore the depths of literary criticism and analysis.
- To encourage student teachers’ skills for creative writing and expressions.
- To introduce student teachers to literatures of various languages.
- To enhance their thought and speech through group discussions and interactive sessions.
- To help student teachers to groom their personalities so that they feel confident about themselves.

The club will provide a platform for
- Debating: To encourage student teachers to become orators to display their intellectual and independent thinking skills and imbibe a sense of confidence.
- Speech and Drama: To promote communication skills of student teachers and help in teamwork ability before audience, thereby increasing self-confidence among student teachers.
- Journalism: To promote the ability to organise and analyse the available resources and technological advancement to present ideas, creatively and artistically.

Activities under the club
The members of the Literary club conduct the following activities Extempore
- Poetry writing
- Criticism of the novel or analyzing
- Fun with puzzles, riddles and proverbs
- Dramatics
- Spell Bee
- Character Portrayal
- Know the book
- Know the Writer
- Discussion and Debates
- Short story presentation
- Poetry Presentation

Literary club will give its members a suitable platform to sharpen their literary talents with productive suggestions, healthy criticism and heartfelt appreciation. It will introduce them to the wider horizons of literature in diverse languages.

The club will also give our student teachers a sense of belonging in a group where their individuality and talents will be respected and instill them a sense of confidence to speak out. Thus, literary Club will trigger conducive thoughts in its members, encourage them to express and inspire to the course of progressive action.