NAAC Documents

1 Mechanisms to Honour Student DiversitiesView
2Recent Developments in EducationView
3 Competrencies in Functional AreasView
4Activities Preparatory to School Based PracticeView
5 Developing competencies to organise eventsView
6 Plan of Internship ScheduleView
7 Institutional provisionsView
8 Journal PublicationView
9 National Priority ProgrammesView
10Percentage per day usage of LibraryView
11cutural & sports events OrganisedView
12 Internet bandwidthView
13 Feedback on curriculumView
14 Expenditure on Purchase of Books and JournalsView
15 Expenditure on Infrastructure AugmentationView
16 Expenditure on maintenance of Academic and Physical FacilitiesView
17 Advance PedagogyView
18Strategic Plan and DeploymentView
19Book Circulation ReportView
20Physical facilitiesView
21Loan from other SourceView
22Proceedings of Grievance CellView
23Contribution of AlumniView
24ICT Facilities 2020-2021View
25Green Campus View
26Spiritual Empowerment View
27Outreach Activity View
28Research Publication View
30SSR - Prequalified Stage View
31 Video on Integrated TeachingView
32 Video on Micro TeachingView
33 Video on NAAC Peer Team Visit July 2022View