Principal’s Message

“If your secondary trained teachers are so good, how much better your graduate trained teachers will be!” exclaimed Dr Lakshmanaswami Mudaliyar, the Chairman of the Mudaliar Education Commission (1952-53) when he visited the College as the Chairman of the Inquiry Committee for the affiliation of the College on 5 March 1953.

St Ann’s College of Education (Autonomous), an outstanding premier institution in Teacher Education in South India, has produced thousands of vibrant, dedicated and resourceful teacher educators and teachers since 1943. The success of our great institution is to be credited to the persuasive leadership of the Apostolic Carmel stalwarts who laid the foundation for this College and elevated the institution to its greater heights. The Motto of the College: ‘Lighted to Light’ has inspired and ignited several students across the globe over the past 78 years.

Our institution has the potential to bring changes within educational systems that will shape the knowledge and skills of future generations. We are the key change makers in transforming the society through higher education. Our teachers-in-training, will definitely be the ambassadors of values and principles in building a better society in the 21 century.Every student who enters our college is provided with learning opportunities to unravel his/her teaching and research potentials and optimum growth and progress in their professional and research career. We wish and pray that our Trainees become keen observers in identifying every opportunity which will enable them to be effective and efficient teachers and teacher educators. Let your dreams be realized through our institution.

Welcome to St Ann’s College of Education. You who enter the portals of this college may gain wisdom and knowledge and experience the serene scenic splendour of the coastal Mangaluru.

May the Almighty God bless us and our saintly Founder Venerable Mother Veronica intercede for all of us.